Are you scared to look frumpy in even your most relaxed cardigan? Are you figuring out how to style it the best way? If worn correctly, cardigans help you make a style statement. It doesn't necessarily have to give an old-fashioned look. Instead, it can be the most voguish article in your wardrobe. All it needs is the right styling.

Besides keeping you warm and cozy, cardigans help make an impression and make you appear tall and slender. I wear cardigans almost daily and have listed the chic and classy ways you can style a cardigan that will help you stand out. Let's dive in!

Pair it with a Belt

Suppose you are worried over the shapelessness of a cardigan. In that case, you can make your body appear seamless and enhance your figure by wearing a belt over it. Belts have always been in fashion, and pairing your cardigan with the right belt is one of the most stylish ways you can opt for. Adding a belt provides the right balance.

Belts have proven to be one of the prime go-to accessories of all time. The correct shape makes your outfit looks complete. Match your favorite belts with the classy cardigans to better your outfit and your daily looks.

Opting for Longline Cardigans

The appropriate cardigans that match and go well with your body shape carry paramount importance. If your trouble area is your midsection, then wearing a longline cardigan is undoubtedly the best solution. Wearing longline cardigans will not only make you appear taller but also lean and slender.  What is even more astounding is that these cardigans are currently on-trend, and we spot celebrities wearing them often. Avoiding the cardigans that end up at your waist with pockets and giant buttons is an excellent idea as this will draw someone's attention directly to your midsection. So stroll in confidence with one of the longlines and steal the limelight!

Popping Cardigans to Shoulders

A colored, bright, or dull, elegant cardigan taken on your shoulders has never fallen out of fashion. A short cardigan thrown on your shoulders makes you look chic, carefree, and modern.  Although this way requires proper styling as one needs to be attentive about the cardigan that it doesn't fall off the shoulder, I recommend pinning it up, creating a unique look.


A Cardigan is a perfect article to carry in winters, and layering it is undoubtedly the best possible option.  Wearing a cardigan over multiple pieces creates a layering effect that enhances your visual appeal. Layering creates a beautiful look and grabs people's attention. The best way to layer your cardigan is to do it over tights or jeggings.

Choosing a Bold Color

Cardigans don't have to be boring. The preferred and available colors are usually soft and dull colors like beige. However, choosing a bold color will focus everyone's attention on your cardigan. It will be the most prominent article of the outfit. The primary colors will give a stunning impression as it will make you outshine. Wearing a bold color cardigan with neutral bottoms is the most attractive way to style the outfit.

Cardigan as a Coat

Coats generally give formal impressions. To have a lighter, dope look, try replacing your jacket with a cardigan. Worn this way will provide a more natural, effortless look that makes you appear classy and straightforward. The added look can have a belt to better the shape, but it looks quite fashionable without the belt.  Have a less formal outfit that makes you steal the limelight.

Styling Cardigans with Loungewear

Keeping it casual is the in-trend yet comfortable way to style. If you are up for looking chic, classy, and modest, then this is the best way to rock your cardigan. Loungewear has been all the rage, add some comfy slippers, and a cozy cardigan with pajamas is the on the go outfit.


The key is to keep the right and appropriate balance. Oversized cardigans are cute and classy. Adding a cardigan to your wardrobe is never a bad idea. Try out your tips and tag us on Instagram #LettieBea. We would love to see how you style your Cardigans as they are much more versatile than one would think.


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